Monday, May 17, 2010

Tingers Tastings to Just Do Sweet Treats?

I can't believe that I, a 24 year old semi intelligent college graduate still is incapable of spelling Wedsenday. Wednsday, Wendesday....whatever, so anyway on this Wendesdayday and Thursday I will be going around New York to my favorite bakeries and reviewing and taking delicious pictures of yumminess (with my NEW CAMERA!!)  Which got me thinking... should my blog JUST be about sweet treats? Reviewing only  places with baked goods, pastries, desserts and only doing product reviews on such things?

Please comment on your thoughts through here or via Twitter or Facebook. You can also poll! I will finalize my decision on Friday so you better get your opinions in!!


  1. No! Do it alllll!!!!!!!! I am a superfan of sweet things, but I want to know about the salty stuff too.

  2. Haha, I decided I won't! I did a poll and nobody liked the idea.