Friday, May 28, 2010

Drinks Only: The Smith

During the a nice day, Buddy and I decided to take cover from the sun for a little bit and grab a drink. After searching high and low for a quiet bar, we ended up at the Smith. 
The Bar
The Dirty Jane
This was vodka with green tomato juice. Please take note my 4 yummies is for the place and the fries only! 
This was the most disgusting drink I have ever had... it was like drinking liquid garlic juice. With that being said, you definitely get your moneys worth of vodka. They used Stoli and I estimated about 3-3.5 shots were in my drink.  However, no amount of alcohol would get me to drink this again. Liquid garlic. Literally. 
Price: $11.00

We decided to get a bar snack as well, these fries were the perfect treat. They were crispy, thin and starchy in the center. I really like how some of the fries still had the skin on (that is my favorite part!). I usually like dipping my fries in ketchup and ranch dressing, but lucky me...all I had to do was sip my gross drink to get the garlic flavor!
Price: $5.00
Buddy and I
Testing my new camera on something other than food!
Origami, Cold drinks and nice weather, what more could you ask for?
Verdict: I love the atmosphere here, it's modern, spacious, and lively. Service is wonderful and the food here is always good too, but I will have to say...I am never getting that green tomato drink ever again!
The Smith
55 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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