Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brunch: El Almancen

So there are just a couple more entries with my iphone pictures before I put up pictures with my new camera (insert excited squeal here). I had to post this place because A.) the food here was amazing and B.) I haven't posted anything with a Latin flare yet.  This restaurant is only 2 blocks from the L train and just a little more from my apartment. My friends raved about the avocado fries and steak, but what intrigued me was their brunch menu. So on a Saturday morning I dragged Buddy out of the apartment to check it out. Walking in we were greeted by a warm and rustic atmosphere. There were a lot of vintage kitchen appliances placed throughout and the windows were dressed with antique lace curtains.
Inside seating 
I loved the cute little cups decorated with a single flower, it put a smile on my face : )
Avocado Fries 
Taste: The avocado was ripe and the kosher salt sprinkled on top was a perfect amount, just enough to bring out the avocados natural flavor. The dipping sauce was a kind of homemade tomato and chili concoction. It was nice to have the acidity of the tomato contrasting against the gentle fry
Texture: The texture was the star of this dish. The breading was so crispy, crunchy and was not oily like what you would expect from a fry. The avocado center was creamy and melted in my mouth
Price: $5.00
French Toast
This was topped with caramel sauce, caramelized banana's, and diced strawberries, dusted with confectioners sugar.  Umm... yeah orgasm in my mouth. This was Buddys dish, but I was practically pulling the plate away from him to get more bites. The BEST french toast I have ever had. Ever. Period.
Taste: This was such a well executed piece of toast. They managed to have a creme brulee like coating on the top while still being able to maintain the integrity of the airy center of the bread. The caramel was not too sweet, the bananas ripe, and the strawberries were tart and fresh. No syrup was necessary
Texture: I loved this dish so much because it did not leave me feeling very heavy and full like so many other french toasts do after I eat them. The bread kept is airiness and the coating, its crunch.
Price: $8.00

Huevos Rancheros
This was with 2 sunny sideup eggs, a tortilla, stewed black beans mixed with greens in tomatillo salsa, and topped with cream cheese. The prettiest presentation I have ever seen for huevos rancheros!  
Taste: All of these elements made this a spicy, tangy, truly decedent and satisfying morning meal. Definitely a step up from the everyday omelette.  
Texture: The fried torilla was still able to maintain its crunch though it was immersed in the tomatillo and bean mixture. I loved the creaminess of the egg yolk and how it was able to still stand out against all of the other components.
Price: $8.00
Verdict: I am so glad I live near this restaurant. I came when it first opened,  and the service was excellent (considering there were only 2 other tables being occupied). I am definitely curious about the offerings for dinner, but until then you can be certain you will get a satisfying and hearty breakfast here. 
El Almacen
557 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211
(718) 218-7284

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