Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Bite: Grandaisy Bakery

Again, Groupon.com had led me to another gold mine! This cute little bakery in Tribeca serves wonderful and tasty baked goods to satisfy any hungry snacker. After window shopping through Soho and not buying anything, I decided to reward myself by using my Groupon for $17.00 worth of food ( I know... Im a pig). After trekking through Chinatown, I came upon this sunny and spacious bakery 
The display of sweets that called my name, but took all my self control not to get any 
Pizza Bianca *photo from wanderingeaterThis is a Roman style flatbread sprinkled with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt.The picture of the slice might not look big, but it was a very generous portion. It was about the size of letter paper, and yes I ate it all in one day.
Taste:This took me back to when I lived in Italy, the fragrant olive oil and rosemary were so subtle but addicting. I kept ripping little pieces off telling myself that it was going to be the last bite but couldn't stop!
Texture: Chewy, doughy, light and airy
Price: $1.50
Potato Pizza
This was with potatoes, onions, rosemary and olive oil. The slice was approximately 5x4 inch piece.
Taste: This one was kind of disappointing. The potato did not have much flavor to it and with every bite I wished it had more herbs or garlic, or something to give depth to the flavors. I shamefully sprinkled salt on it
Texture: Chewy crust ( they use the same dough as the bianca) and the potatoes were soft and starchy. The onions though, were a bit too oily
Price: $3.25
Panini Greco 
*photo from SeriousEats
This was made with whole chickpeas, pickled carrots and onions, arugula with a greek skordalia spread. I picked this sandwich because I was "trying" to be vegan at the time and this was the only sandwich they offered without meat or eggs (though I'm sure there were eggs in here somewhere).
Taste: The greek spread was garlicky and meshed well with the peppery arugula. The chickpeas added a nice earthiness and the carrots and onions shot out little bits of tang on the palette. This was a very light and refreshing sandwich
Texture: The chickpeas were soft dense and hardy, even a carnivore wouldn't miss the meat. The baguette itself had a great thick crust with a super airy interior
Price: $7.00
Verdict: I will definitely be returning, if not to try their pound cake or other sweets, then to get more pizza bianca! Next time you are in Chinatown and feel like venturing on the outskirts, stop by this place. There are also 2 other locations, one in the UWS and one in Soho. I really enjoyed my relaxing mini meal and hopefully you will too : )
Grandaisy Bakery
250 West Broadway (at Beach St.)

New York, NY 10013

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