Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lunch: Iron Hill Brewery

One nice spring day, Buddy and I decided to venture into West Chester and try the brews at Iron Hill.  The inside itself was pretty big and roomy with plenty of seating. However, with the cozy sidewalks and sunshine made sitting outside a no brainer. 
The Outside seating area
The Seasonal Sampler
Taste: We decided to go with the seasonal samples. From what I remember we got the Belgian Witbier,Hefeweizen, Malthra the Destroyer, Irish Red Ale, and the Irish Dry Stout, I can't remember the rest, sorry! Since I am a "taster" kind of a person so I really enjoyed the fact that I could try the different flavors. The taste ranged from hoppy, to mild, and sweet. Some with a strong aftertaste and others that were light and fresh. This is a great choice if you aren't sure of what to order and need to try several before committing to one beer
Price: $8.00
Salmon Spring Rolls
Taste: This is one of their "signature" dishes made with spinach, red onion, pickled ginger and a wasabi sesame dipping sauce.  The salmon was not overly salted which was good, since the sauce was very salty. I loved the cooked spinach in this dish, and the flavor blended well with the salmon and ginger. The onions got lost in here, perhaps because they were overly cooked
Texture: I think of myself kind of like an accidental fish snob, if its over cooked it ruins the whole dish. Thankfully the salmon was grilled just enough so that it was tender and melted in your mouth. The crunchy crispy spring roll was a bit oily, and the whole dish smelled kind of fishy
Price: $10.95
Eastern Shore Crabcake Sandwich
Taste: This comes with bibb lettuce and a side of remoulade sauce. This was Buddy's dish and he said he enjoyed this very much. There were plenty of chunks of real crab meat throughout and the roll was simple and well toasted. The remoulade sauce was pretty good, had the right balance of mustard and herbs.
Texture: The crab meat was well grilled and had a nice crust, the bread soft and the bibb lettuce had a nice crunch to it
Price: $14.50

Mesclun Salad
Taste: This comes topped with granny smith apples, pistachios, dried cranberries , sweet onions and I subbed cherry tomatoes instead of cheddar. The dressing was orange vanilla vinaigrette. And came with a bread stick. It was boring and too healthy with too many toppings in it. Not a good choice of a hungry girl like me! The dressing was tasty, not too sweet and just tart enough
Texture: Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy!
Price: $8.95

Verdict: I really enjoyed my time here and would definitely come back for the beer. The sampler is so affordable and fun to taste. Next time I promise I'll be more experimental with my food choices and not get a simple salad (which was way over priced).
Iron Hill Brewery
 3 West Gay Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380
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