Saturday, May 8, 2010

Product Review: Trader Joe's Crottin Goat Cheese 3 Pack


Trader Joes is a great place to find new and interesting foods. This week I am featuring the 3 Pack Crottin Goat Cheese. It's a good option for when you can't decide on what flavor cheese you want or when you are hosting a little get together.

The 3 Pack was only $4.50 and each individual pack has 3.5 oz

Plain Goat Cheese
Taste: I really enjoyed this one, it was tart and had an almost lemony after taste. Fresh and rich, a nice substitute for when you run out of cream cheese. Try this with blueberry jam or spread over banana nut bread,yummy!
Texture: Rich and creamy the taste of sour cream, the texture of flaky cream cheese

Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese
Taste: I was kind of disappointed with this one,  not much garlic flavor at all and the rosemary was over powering the cheese. This would be good for a spread in a sandwich, but not for a snack on crackers
Texture: Creamy with subtle flecks of dried herbs

Four Pepper Goat Cheese
Taste: This was an interesting one, at first bite, it just tasted like the plain goat cheese. There was a heat and spicy after taste. The pepper flecks were coated only on the surface of the cheese and not mixed, unlike the garlic and herbs one. It would be great topped with roasted peppers or olive tapenade.
Texture: Rich and creamy

Verdict: Out of all of these I like the plain goat cheese the best, it was the most versatile of them all. I love mixing fruit and jams with my cheese and the plain is a great pick. I don't think I would get this pack again, but it was a great bargain to try out.

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