Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Spot Dessert Bar

In Astor Place there is a new dessert bar that just opened up a while back called Spot. They specialize in tapa's style sweets with an Asian twist. A lot of other food blogs have been reviewing their signature desserts, so I chose to review their cupcakes and cookies (plus I was a little cash poor at the time and these were more afforable). Upon going down the stairs I was greeted by fake grass carpet and wooden tables and walls.
Down the stairs we go...
The Entry
Green Tea Cupcake
This was a chocolate cake with matcha green tea frosting, apricot center, topped with chocolate pearls and edible sparkles. I heard that chef Pichet Ong added edible sparkles because "Asians like sparkly things". I guess he was right because I couldn't stop "oooing" and "ahhing" !
Taste: Kind of disappointing, over all there was just too much happening. The apricot flavor was so strong that it over powered the subtle green tea flavor and earthiness of the chocolate. I ended up taking the filling out, I'm also not a huge fan of preserved apricots. The chocolate cake was rich and tasted intensely dark. The chocolate pearls were unnecessary and didn't add much to this except for decoration
Texture: The cake was excellent, dense and moist. The apricot was gummy and the frosting was light.
Price: $3.00

Mocha Cupcake
This was my friend Melissa's cupcake, I didn't get to try it, but she very much enjoyed it. I just had to take a picture because it was so cute!
Price: $3.00
Coconut Chocolate Chip
This thing was HUGE, it took me 3 days to finish this cookie ( believe me it took a lot of self control not to eat it in one sitting) you can see I had to have a little nibble of the corner before taking a picture!
Taste: The taste of coconut was very faint, but present throughout the cookie dough. I loved the large chunks of chocolate. It wasn't the best cookie I've ever had, but it satisfied my sweet tooth
Texture: Bordering on being  almost hard yet, it was very chewy
Price: $2.75
Verdict: I got these treats to go, but one gripe I have about this place is you can't eat inside unless you get waiting service. I don't know about everyone else, but I feel it is not necessarily for someone to serve me a cupcake on a plate, when all I am going to do it gobble it up like a monster in 2 seconds. I can understand when ordering the actual dessert plates which require utensils; waiting service is needed, but not for cookies and cupcakes! Anyway, I would come back when I am less poor and can afford the fancy 7-8 dollar desserts + tip, so until then..get your treats from them to-go!
13 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10003

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