Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Tooth: DT Works

I am always one for free things, and a couple of days ago, DT Works ( originally the Dessert Truck) was giving out their sweet treats for free! Since I had off from work, it was already an awesome day, but this was the icing (or should I say bacon custard) on the cake. I was also curious to what else they have added to their menu since becoming a shop, so off I went.
Outside. I love how much the windows opened up to let the breeze in. (P.S this is RIGHT next to Clinton Street Baking Company known for their blueberry pancakes from Bobby Flay's Throwdown)
It was surprisingly roomy, to the left there was a giant chalk board with the menu written on it. There was also was plenty of seating, enough for at least 15-20 people. You can also see them make you dessert right behind the counter
Display of the mini desserts showing off their good looks
Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bacon Custard Sauce * photo from DT Works, camera deleted this my picture again : (
Oh my god, this was SO decadent. I have had their bread pudding with regular vanilla before, but the bacon custard was amazing. This was very very rich and the bread pudding was silky, soft and airy...the taste? Incredibly chocolatey. The bacon custards saltiness cut into the sweet perfectly resulting in another dimension of flavor. This dessert was about the size of a 5 oz cup, but it somehow took me 15 minutes to finish eating because if the richness. The whipped topping was cool and light and was refreshing against the warmth of the pudding.
Price: Free! (normally $6.00)
Verdict: I was so lucky to get this for free, but even if I had to pay 6 dollars, I would get it again! They also started making ice creams, sorbets, which I am eager to try. I am also curious about their brioche doughnut holes( with nutella!) It was a nice and relaxing environment to have a sweet treat, definitely worth a trip to the Lower East Side.
DT Works
6 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002

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