Monday, April 26, 2010


Sorry for the hiatus, but I'm back!

So a couple of months ago, my friend Kim came to visit me in my new apartment in Williamsburg. My boyfriend, her, and I decided to visit Dante's, on Williamsburgs southside. A cute BYOB serving southern fare.

Hibiscus punch with lavender
Taste: Like watered down fruit punch, ek. NOT worth getting, especially for 4 dollars!
Texture: Had some sort of "pulp" but not much
Smell: Nothing
Price: $4.00

Complimentary Cornbread
Taste: It had some hot pepper flakes and corn bits throughout, over all it was not flavorful and I was desperately missing the salty buttery flavor cornbread is known for. The side of butter could not even fix this.
Texture: Dry and very very crumbly, a sad excuse for cornbread
Smell: like disappointment
Price: Free
Crabcake Eggs Benedict and Sweet Potato Fries
Taste: The crabcake was not memorable, just a standard crabcake, not very flavorful, the eggs were poaches perfectly however and the hollandaise sauce was a bit too "yolky". The sweet potato fries were a huge disappointment. They seemed to be overly fried. I got the crunch, but the delicate soft innards were missing, like somebody sucked them out before serving them to me, the kosher salt added on top didn't seem to fit right on top of the overly fried fries either
Texture: Over all the texture of the eggs benedict mended together nicely, but the sweet potato fries were just too over done
Price: $14.00

Verdict: Not coming back anytime soon, even though this is a BYOB. Maybe their dinner is a little better, who knows, but hopefully others will have a better experience then I did with the food. The service was slow, but nice however and the charming display for random graffiti and artwork is nice to look at when waiting for your food to arrive and a good conversation starter.


153 Roebling St (Metropolitan & Hope)

Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-1945