Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beacon Restaurant: Midtown Dining

After visiting the MOMA, Buddy and I were pretty hungry. I remembered I had purchased a restaurant coupon for $2 for $25 dollars worth of food off of www.restaurant.com. Since we don't usually hang around midtown during the weekend (too many tourists!) I decided we should use the coupon while we can. The rules are we must spend at least $35 dollars in order for the coupon to be valid. I had heard that their burgers were good off of NY Mag's food blog Grubstreet and was curious to see what they were like.

Watermelon White Wine Sangria
Taste: Watered down, I felt like there was barely any alcohol in it, or even fresh fruit flavor for that matter
Texture: The watermelon seemed pretty mushy and was missing the crispyness of apples like a traditional sangria would have. The floating watermelon pieces were a turn off in the mouth as well
Smell: Watermelons
Price: $20.00

Complimentary Bread and Butter
Taste: The server brought out 3 types for us to choose, I got a multigrain and sourdough piece. They tasted kind of stale, like they have been sitting out too long, and were a waste of calories. The butter was not memorable either.
Texture: Stale, and overly chewy
Price: Free
The Beacon Burger
Taste: 8 oz. Natural black angus,grilled red onion, lettuce, tomato, soft onion roll and garlic fries. The burger was seasoned nicely. The fries were okay, not garlicky enough for me. The roll was great however, but hard to fit in your mouth!
Texture: The roll was soft and nicely toasted, the burger was hardy, though Buddy did want it cooked rare, it was missing the juicyness a great rare burger would have.
Smell: Misleading garlic smells :( I hate when food smells better than it actually tastes
Price: $16.95
Charred Yellowfin Tuna Burger
Taste: It was hand chopped with herb oil and citrus salt on grilled sour dough, with a side tomato ginger chutney. The sour dough tasted like burnt toast, with caused the entire burger to taste the same way. There was also I hidden toothpick in the sandwich to hold it together and I ended up biting down on it and cutting the roof of my mouth. The tuna was tasteless and the tomato chutney tasted like pureed sun dried tomatoes.
Texture: The texture of the sour dough was great, thick and crunchy, the tuna burger was very very tough and dry
Smell: Lemons
Price: $17.95

Carmelized Apple Pancake with Cognac Ice Cream
Taste: It was overly sweet, the pancake was topped with sauteed apples and COVERED in caramel sauce. The ice ceam was delicious however, not too sweet, very creamy; though I never really got a cognac flavor from it. the play with the heat of the pancake vs. the coolness of the ice cream was nice.
Texture: The pancake itself was very glutinous and chewy (which I personally like in Chinese rice balls but not so much in a pancake) and the apples melted in my mouth nicely.
Smell: Apple Pie
Price: $9.00

Verdict: Would I have ever come to this restaurant if not for the coupon deal? Probably not. Would I ever go back again? Nope. In my opinion there are far better burger places in Midtown than this overpriced restaurant. Sure the ambiance is very lovely and spacious (art deco meets modern american) but the overall meal was a disappointment


25 W 56th St
Btwn 5th & 6th Ave
(212) 332-0500

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