Friday, May 14, 2010

Brunch: Morandi

Hidden in the West Village is a cute restaurant that you can escape from the busy New York life and travel to Italy. The place is spacious with walls made from bricks. The decorations are of wine bottles and fresh baguettes. During nice weather, they open all of the window walls to form an open a patio. I was already in heaven.
Entry to Morandi *photo courtesy of Yelp

Taste: Finally, real espresso. It was strong and bold, with nutty after tones. Great to sip on while you wait for your food
Texture: Frothy, thick, the kind of espresso the coats your tongue and the bitterness lingers
Price: $4.50

Complimentary Bread and Olive Oil
Taste: One of the best bread baskets I've had. The sourdough was still warm and the olive oil was fragrant and fruity.
Texture: Nice a crunchy crust, super airy and fluffy innards 
Price: Free

Frittelle di Ricotta
Taste: These were ricotta fritters. They were powered with a cinnamon and sugar coating. Lemony and tart, with bits of dark chocolate chips. It was a tasty morning appetizer
Texture: The outside was crunchy while the inside was gooey, soft, and delicate. I really enjoyed the textures of these little guys
Price: $5.00 for 3

Pizza "Occhio di Buo"
Taste: YUM. Way to start off a day! This was a grilled pizza with sunny side up egg, pancetta, pecorino, drizzled with olive oil and fresh shaved parmesan. The fruity olive oil mixed with the salty and smoky pecorino and the creaminess of the yolk...WOW! Flavor party in my mouth
Texture: The pizza was chewy and soft, the egg was cooked to perfection with the white still delicate and the yolk runny. I loved how they grilled the pecorino too so the it had a crunchy crust
Price: $11.00

Uova in Camicia
Taste:This was cooked beans, asparagus, onions and spinach topped with 2 poached eggs and a slice of proscuitto. All of the natural vegetable flavors came through. This was a like but filling dish. The proscuitto added just the touch of salt it needed while the a sprinkling of pepper gave it just the right kick.
Texture: Soft delicate and melt in your mouth eggs, crunchy veggies and the proscuitto was tender and fatty  
Price: $11.00
Verdict: I really enjoyed my time here and felt like I was back in Italy. I heard this is a good place to find celebrities but I would rather come back  to try their crepes and other dishes instead. The service was attentive and knowledgeable and the ambiance warm and inviting. This is one of my favorite spots in the city!
211 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014

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