Monday, May 10, 2010

Dinner: Atlas

After work one night my friend Melissa, Nikoma, and David decided to grab dinner at Atlas, a vegan and vegetarian cafe. The place was very small and only had a 4 tables inside and 4 tables outside.  The menu was written in chalk along the wall.  At the counter there were an array of vegan pastries and cakes. I was super excited to try them after dinner!
The outside view

Vegan Tofu Steak Salad
Taste:  They serve it to you with roasted peppers and carrots and a vinegar soy sauce. The tofu was well marinated with soy and spices but was not too salty. The peppers were fresh as was the mesclun leaves. This was a simple, light salad and the portion was huge.
Texture: Crispy fresh salad, crunchy carrots, and the tofu was the extra firm kind that they chopped into long then rectangular squares.
Price: $7.25

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake
Taste:  I am very critical of my red velvet cupcakes since they are (one of ) my favorite sweet treats ever. This was the first vegan red velvet I had, it was a bit too oily but the cream cheese frosting was pretty good (probably made from tofutti or some other vegan cream cheese) The cupcake itself didn't have much if a cocoa taste I love from red velvets, but still satisfied my sweet tooth
Texture: It was very moist and fluffy. It fell apart easily and was best eaten with a fork
Price: $2.50

Vegan Peanut Butter Brownie
Taste:  This was so absolutley AMAZING. One of the best brownies I have ever had, you would have never known it was vegan. The brownie is so chocolaty with chunks of carob/vegan chocolate. The peanut butter had a very sweet flavor and complimented the chocolate perfectly.
Texture: This was a very dense brownie, perfectly chewy and the peanut butter was thick and crumbly.
Price: $2.50
* Just a note, I noticed that this exact brownie is at Satellite Cafe in Philly (the one next to Dock Street Pub) so I'm not sure if there is a company that ships their baked goods to many other vegan places.

Verdict: I really enjoyed this place, the portions were good, the food was fresh. They also make vegan crepes, pancakes, waffles, ravioli and many other super yummy treats.  It is great for a quick cheap and healthy meal.

Atlas Cafe
73 2nd Avenue
(between 1st Ave & 4th St)
New York, NY 10003

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