Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drinks Only: Liquiteria

I love the nice weather we have been having, but walking around New York in the heat can make a girl in much need of a cool refreshing drink. I have passed this place plenty of times before, but  was kind of hesitant to ever get anything because the juices seemed kind of pricey. However, they did use fresh fruits and vegetables, and on this particular day I decided to treat myself to something cold and healthy.
Outside seating to enjoy your fresh beverage
The inside, made me feel super happy and vibrant, and the people there were very nice and friendly. There were so many kinds of drinks to choose from, from "liquid meals", freshly blended juices,  to bottled juices. They even had sandwiches!
Fresh fuits and veggies ready to be juiced and in my belly. I love how it automatically makes me feel healthier looking at them!
The Brain Teaser
Out of the choices, I decided to go with the Brain Teaser since it seemed to have the most interesting mix of veggies and fruits. The juice was made with carrots, kale, apple, red cabbage, parsley, ginger, lechithin memory booster.
Wow, this was EXTREMELY spicy. The ginger was fresh so its flavor was very potent. After each sip, the heat hit the back of my throat and I had to wait a while to take another sip. If you are a ginger lover, this is the drink for you! The only other ingredients that stood out were the apple and carrots (though barely).It was served a tad bit cooler than room temperature and I longed for a freezer to blast chill it a bit. So if you are looking for a cold drink, just grab one of their pre-made refrigerated juices.
Price: $5.45 for a 14 oz
Verdict: Maybe picking the "interesting" choice didn't pay off here, the flavors were very imbalanced but boy did that ginger wake me up! I might come back to try one of their smoothies, or perhaps even their pb and J sandwich, which they deem "amazing"
170 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003-5793

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