Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Sweet Revenge

Hidden in the confusing streets of the West Village lies a little high end dessert bar.  Having been always curious for sweet treats, I had to check this place out. They are known specially for using high quality ingredients. This place was the perfect size for a bar/dessert spot, with seating for at least 20 people. Upon walking in, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.
The outside
Display of cupcakes
The Crimson and Cream Cupcake
Taste: This was a raspberry red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It was topped with raspberry jam. Wow, this one was way too sweet. I couldn't really taste the light cocoa flavor that I love so much in red velvets. The cream cheese and jam were both overly sweetened, I had to wash it down with water. The cake didn't have much flavor other wise
Texture: The cake was hardy and sturdy, I like that in cupcakes (since they are messy enough to eat as it is)
Price: $3.50

The Dirty Cupcake
Taste: This was a valhora chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and topped with cocoa powder. The frosting was very chocolatey and again, a little over sweetened. The cake had a rich chocolate color, but not much flavor either
Texture: Again, hardy and sturdy, the frosting had a nice velvety feel in the mouth
Price: $3.50
The Key Lime Cupcake
Taste: This was a mexican vanilla cake with lemon lime frosting and topped with zested lime. The cake by itself had a great vanilla and milky flavor. The frosting, however had the same fate of the other frosting with its overly sweetness. The zest of lime helped a little by balancing it out with its natural tartness.
Texture: The cake was hardy, and a little creamier than the other two
Price: $3.50
Verdict: This place was really cute, I also met the owner and she seemed to really care about the customers opinions. I really wished I liked the cupcakes more though, but they seemed to rely mostly on the frosting flavor than the cake itself. I believe that a great cupcake should have as much flavor in the cake itself as in the frosting to balance each other out. I really enjoyed the texture of the cakes because it made it easier to eat. Their menu also offers breakfast, dessert drinks and savory "cake" entrees. Though I might not purposely travel to get anything from there again, if I happen to pass by I'll be sure to give them another shot.
Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street
NYC, NY 10014

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