Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Il Cantinori

Kim had come to visit me and since we are both obsessed with Sex and the City, she naturally wanted to go to a place the show had featured. We decided on Il Cantinori from when Carrie was turning 35 and nobody showed up at her birthday dinner. The place was lovely, with fresh roses set for the table and elegant stem-wear for the water.

Complimentary Bread and Olive Oil
Taste: The bread came warm and was most definitely sour dough. The olive oil was perfect and only needed a little pepper to spice up the bread. I love when free bread is oh so yummy!
Texture: The sourdough was very airy and perfectly chewy, the olive oil was smooth and buttery. I couldn't help but eat at least 3 to 4 pieces!
Smell: Fresh baked bread
Price: Free
Insalata Caprese
Taste: It was buffalo mozzarella, basil and tomatos sprinkled with pepper on top. The whole dish was very fresh, the tomatoes were super juicy, the basil tasted just picked, and just a drizzle of olive oil... my mouth was super happy
Texture: The mozzarella melted in my mouth and the tomato just ripe enough without being squishy.
Smell: Like basil
Price: $18.00
Grilled Scallop Spinach Salad
Taste: This was a huge disappointment, though the scallops were grilled, they had no flavor. The only other component in the dish was spinach. My palette was sad.
Texture: The scallops were nicely charred and the spinach was welted from the heat of the cooked scallops.
Smell: egh, to sad to remember
Price: $35.00

Creme Brulee and Blueberry Sorbet
Taste: To be honest it was pretty standard creme brulee, nice hard sugary shell, and a custard center. Not amazing, not bad either. The blueberry sorbet was not as tart as I liked, light sugary after taste. Definitely not reaching it's flavor potential.
Texture: The custard was very creamy and the sorbet had flecks of blueberry's in them made it feel kind of gritty.
Price: $10.00 for both
Verdict: With cocktails priced at $10 each and ordering 3 to 4 each, the total bill came to almost $200-$250. Granted the drinks were strong but it was a very very pricey meal for food that didn't blow my mind. Not worth going back to when there are so many other wonderful italian restaurants in the city.

Il Cantinori
32 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003-6238
(212) 673-6044

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