Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Shake Shack

Walking around on my day off, I happened to pass by Shake Shack. Hmmm.... continue my healthy walk, or stop and stuff my face with delicious custard? Decisions, decisions....
It was beautiful outside, and REALLY crowded. The line for the burgers was crazy, why do people want cow meat, when you can get a yummy cool treat made by cows?
List of custards, I really wanted to try the red velvet and the strawberry rhubarb, but they were for different days of the week :(
The Grasshopper
This was a mint and chocolate custard. Whoa...if the definition of creamy and decadent became an actual object...this is what it would turn to. This had an intense rich chocolate flavor without being too sweet, the after taste was a faint minty tingle. Sigh... I wish I had another one right now
Price: $2.50
Sugar Ruuuuuushhhhhhh!!
Verdict: Though I haven't gotten the patience to wait in line for their burgers, I can guarantee you that this custard is definitely worth a trip for. Check online first for the flavor of the day, they always have vanilla and chocolate on the menu.
Shake Shack
11 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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