Friday, June 25, 2010

Lunch: Never Take a Suggestion from a Body Builder

I over heard a guy at work raving about the best pasta he has ever had. Being a fan of both pasta and "the best of", I asked him where he got it from.  "Cafe Metro" he replied. Okay, if you are not from New York, Cafe Metro is a huge chain where they make generic sandwiches, wraps, salads and "hot plates" usually purchased by people who are worried about calorie content, or just plain don't care how delicious their lunches should be. Mainly purchased during lunch hours to over worked Midtown employees. I asked him what he got. " Oh you know, whole wheat pasta, chicken and marinara sauce, vegetables."  
So this got me thinking... could Cafe Metro actually be tasty? I mean I never like to eat at chains (with the exception of Panera Bread) but maybe I have been to harsh? After all thousands of people go to Cafe Metro everyday!  
Good thing I had a 10 dollar gift certificate, so off I went!
Whole Wheat Pasta with Salmon
When I got there, everybody seemed to move at warp speed; people were flying past me, grabbing their food and jetting by. I hesitantly walked over to the pasta section. You had two choices; either get their "seasonal pasta" or make your own. I decided to make my own.  
Without even giving me time to think, the guy behind the stove glared at me: "What do you want?"
Me: "Umm.." frantically looking at their menu board." Whole wheat penne?"
Angry Man: " What else? " Throwing the pasta in the frying pan with force
Me: In a frenzy, looking over their topping selection " Basil marinara sauce?Salmon?..umm...peas?  broccoli? that eggplant?"
Angry Man: gives me a look like I was born yesterday " YES"
Me: " Okay and eggplant."
He shoves the pasta pan over to the poor cook who has already 4 pans to monitor and pack up.  After about 5 minutes, its done and I head over to the cashier.
Cashier:" 11.75".  Okay, first of all, some of the best pasta I have ever had cost this much, and you want me to spend 11.75 at some chain fast food place in Midtown??! I reluctantly hand over my gift card and the rest of the change.

So on the pasta. As I opened it at my desk, I was pleased to see that it is over flowing with food. Good. Enough for tomorrows lunch as well. I sprinkle the side of parmesan cheese they gave me and take a bite. The pasta could not have been more overcooked if they tried. It had an almost bitter taste. I move on to the salmon. Surprisingly moist with its own natural flavor along with the eggplant and rest of the vegetables being winners. The sauce tasted canned (but what do you expect?) I ended up eating only the veggies and fish and leaving the sad over done pasta to the trash can. I guess there won't be any left for lunch tomorrow.
Price: $11.75

Garlic Toast
This came with the meal. Stale. Garlic Powder. Waste Basket.
Price: Free
Verdict: Never take food recommendations from a body builder who drinks Muscle Milk as a snack. My suggestion if you somehow are delirious and DO end up here for lunch is to get one of their salads. At least with a salad, you know your aren't going to get anything impressive, but least you got your daily dose of vitamins in!
Cafe Metro
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