Sunday, June 20, 2010

Breakfast: Maybe the Best Things in Life Aren't Free

To be completely honest, one of the only reasons I am ever early or on time for work everyday is because I CANT WAIT to dig in to my breakfast. The time from when I wake up to when I get to my desk with my giant bowl of cereal is absolute torture. So imagine my glee as I am walking to work from the subway when I hear voices yelling "FREE WAFFLES!!!"
Turns out Guy Feiri was shooting an episode special. But forget him... I wanted all those fresh fruits he had in front of the camera! I also wanted to rip those stupid backwards sunglasses off his head, but thats besides the point.

Ladies hard at work making waffles for us hungry Midtown workers!

Okay first off...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??? How am I supposed to get through the morning with a QUARTER of a WAFFLE?! Is the whole world on some insane diet that I don't no about??? This waffle wouldn't even be enough to wipe my ass with! Yes I know it is free, and beggars cant be choosers, but come on Food Network....this is an embarrassment to your name (not that Guy Fieri is enough of an embarrassment enough for you).  Needless to say, the waffle was awful. Soggy and tasteless, I ended up throwing it away and having my normal Kashi Go Lean and soy milk for breakfast. (Hey I need to stay regular, if you know what I mean).

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