Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Dessert at Winnie's Le Bus

After dinner, Buddy and I wanted a change of atmosphere, so we decided to go to a different spot for dessert. We picked Winnie's Le Bus; our favorite breakfast spot when I went used to go to college around the area. The place was spacious and had had a corky, paintery feel. Memories of delicious cornbread, pancakes, and yummy iced teas came flooding back.
Buddy's beer and newly made friend. I think his friend was already a little tipsy when he got there; judging by his drunk smile and diluted eyes...

Sweet Potato Fries
These were kind of a disappointment. They were very tough and dry, inside and out. There was not much flavor to them, but came with a side of yogurt cream sauce. The sauce was not that flavorful either, other than the almost sour cream taste, but helped moisten the dryness of the fries ...his friend however; seemed to really enjoy them
Price: $3.50

Banana Bread Pudding
When this first arrived at our table, I thought it was french toast! Well it wasn't ,but the flavors of french toast were sure there (especially with the generous sprinkle of cinnamon on top!) I couldn't taste much banana and the bread itself was very rubbery and lacked depth. The sauce however, was sweet, creamy and thick; reminiscent of melted custard. We didn't want to have leftovers so we polished this off,leaving it to expand in my stomach and boy ..was I STUFFED.

Buddy and I decided to buy some of their cornbread to go since we had remembered fighting each other for it when they served free pieces during their breakfast hours. I couldn't wait to open it up and have it with their delicious jam for breakfast!
Price: $5.00

Winnie's Mixed Berry Jam
I was so excited about this...their jam as I had recalled was some of the best jam I have ever had. Ever. When Buddy was purchasing this, the cashier asked if we were getting it as a gift. I guess she thought it was absurd that we were getting this for our own greedy tummies. Oh well!
Price: $7.00

Well, obviously we couldn't wait til the next day and decided to open the cornbread and jam up at night at ohhh... approximately 2 am. It was sad to say that the cornbread tasted vastly different from what we had remembered. There were actually pieces of corn in it this time and not as sweet. It was almost flavorless, which was very disappointing. The jam however, was amazing with whole chunks of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Not too tart, just enough to make you pucker, but still sweet and soupy. The definition of a perfect jam. If only the cornbread matched the jams standards, this would have been the perfect midnight snack!

Verdict: Their strength is definitely breakfast, and I would continue to come for that. Maybe we just didn't pick the right dessert, or the right fries this time, but I still have faith in this place, not just because of the charmful atmosphere, but also the many great memories.
Winnies Le Bus
4266 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127-1609

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