Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Jaques Torres Chocolate and Bar Suzette

After my dinner the other day in Chelsea Market, I was looking for my sweet fix.... dessert. Luckily the market had a wide variety of places to choose from. Walking around I spotted a part where it housed Peoples Pop's, Bar Suzette, and Jacques Torres Chocolate in section...lucky me!
Did the sign that said "Ice Cream Sandwiches Here!!" lure me in?...most definitely
After milling around Bar Suzette and drooling over their menu of savory and sweet crepe's, I finally decided against one since I was already so full. The guy behind the counter was very sweet, and told me I couldn't possibly leave without trying something. 
He reached behind the counter and whipped out 2 tiny strawberries! Farmed in New York, these tart suckers were dipped in home made whipping cream.  It was a sour and refreshing palette cleanser before moving on to my actual dessert.  I will be back next time to try one of their crepes soon!

Finally, Jacques Torres Chocolate....oh my, what to choose from? The fine truffles dusted with sea salt? A chocolate bar? Or perhaps their famous wicked hot chocolate and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie? After pondering, I knew my decision (or should I say decisions?)
Hand whipping the whipped cream for my.....
Wicked Hot Chocolate
One deep whiff and deep flavors of nutmeg, chocolate, and spices marinated up my nose and coated the back of my throat. I was already hooked. Taking the first sip, the intense flavor of chocolate was first, then, the after taste of the nutmeg, and finally the heat from the spices. After each sip, the coolness of the whipped cream cleanses your tongue so that you are ready for your next hit.  It was only 12 oz, but I sat for a good 1/2 hour to try and finish this. Even then, the richness won and I ended up not being able to.
Price:$ 3.00

The Chocolate Chip Cookie  
*bottom photo by NYCFOODGUY
Just looking at this cookie, you would have to be insane not to want to try it. These weren't just chocolate chips, these were intense dark chocolate chunks mixed and layered into each nook. The girl behind the counter asked if I wanted it heated up....heated?? YES PLEASE! The way I was eating the gooey warm cookie made me feel like I was 5 years old again; when everything seemed to get all over your fingers and on your face. The cookie dough itself was pliable,chewy, and the outer edges rightfully crunchy. This was one of the best cookies I have had in my life. Period.
Price: $2.50

Just a scale of the size of the cookie after multiple bites, still almost the size of my head!
Verdict: I am so glad I do not work, or live near a Jacques Torres, or else this blog would end up being called "Chubby Tingers Tastings". For now Jacques is my go to place whenever I need a chocolate fix!
Jacques Torres Chocolate
Various Locations

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