Monday, June 14, 2010

Brunch: West Chester Diner

Sunday mornings are always lazy, and this past Sunday morning was no exception. Instead of heading out anywhere fancy, Buddy and I decided to grab brunch at a diner close to his apartment, and within a 5 minute drive, we were there. It has been quite a while since I ate at a diner, but I was looking forward to the cheap fast food.
View from the road
We walked into this, a decent sized breakfast buffet!
And a separate sweets section! Since I am always torn between something sweet ( like pancakes) or something salty (like eggs) for breakfast, the buffet was my savour, because then I could get a little of everything! After letting the waitress know about my decision, I flew over to the buffet table.

My first Plate: French Toast, Waffle, Veggie and Cheese Frittata
The French toast was the best part of this plate (even though it looks like the saddest). It was chewy and dense and soaked up the syrup beautifully. The waffles lost its crisp outer coating and was soft and soggy, probably from sitting under the heat lamps. The frittata's consistency was odd; the texture was as if they mixed bread into the eggs. The cheese in the frittata also looked and tasted like plastic.
My Second Plate: Apple Cinnamon Pastry, Coffee Cake, Zucchini Muffin, Poppyseed Muffin, Fruit
I was really excited about the pastry, but it was boring and kind of stale. Not worth filling my tummy for, especially when I wanted to try a bunch of things still from the buffet. The Coffee cake was extremely dry and crumbly- a huge disappointment as well.The two muffins however, were moist and quiet tasty, and the fruit was very fresh and ripe.

My Third Plate: Egg, Cheese, Veggie Omelette, Pancake, Biscuit, French Toast Stick
I decided to try the other eggs that they had out, it had more cheese, but it too was rubbery and jelly like.. wow, I can't believe I actually ate it.  The pancake was dry and crumbly...I was starting to wish I didn't get the buffet by then and with low expectations, I tried the biscuit. What a surprise, it too was dry and tasteless.  The winner here was the sad looking french toast stick! It was deep fried, so it was very crunchy and fun to dip into the syrup.

As part of our buffet we get bacon, but we had to order it from the kitchen first. This is how much they gave us.  I guess you cant really screw up cooking bacon, it is....bacon.

Chocolate Pudding
At this point, I thought the chocolate pudding would show some promise. Nope. Can you guess what it tasted like? If you guessed plastic, you would be right! Watery, plasticly, fake chocolate.
Price: (for buffet) $10.00
Verdict: Looks ( and price) can be deceiving, so if you decided to go to West Chester diner...DON'T get the buffet! Just order something fresh from the kitchen. Even getting there fairly early (it was around 10am) the food tasted like it had been sitting out for a bit. I am usually a fan of buffets, but maybe keeping eggs out in a massive pile isn't such a good idea ( to eat). They had sausage, scrapple, and grits with bacon in it as well, but I didn't try any because I didn't want to die from disgust. The only reason I would come back is because I had remembered a long time ago, I got a piece of blueberry pie from here and it was amazing. Next time I will get the same and see if its still worth giving this place another shot.
West Chester Diner
1147 West Chester Pike
West Chester, PA 19382-5000

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