Friday, June 18, 2010

Lunch: I Guess I Didn't Know what a Food Coma was Until Olympic Pita...

After my falafel from Crisp the other day, I was on a falafel kick! I decided to try Olympic Pita, after hearing their falafel laffa's were huge (the fat kid inside me was jumping with joy!) and budget friendly.
    I walked into this...after you order, they give you a plastic box that you can stuff to your hearts content with whatever you want at the salad bar. You know I was that cheap Asian girl cramming everything in to get as much as possible!
MmmM....the fresh laffa coming out of the oven. They bake these on premises, laffa's are like large pitas the size of a pizza. These were fluffy, wonderfully chewy and quite tasty on their own. You can see the fresh dough in the background!

My salad box and sauce
I got plenty of pickled carrots and cauliflower, spiced onions, lettuce and tomato mix, pickled cabbage and raw red onions. You can never have enough toppings for your falafel!  The sauce was a spicy green and the yellow was turmeric, in vinegar (not very tasty and I ended up throwing it away).

Falafel Laffa
So let me just fill you in on how MASSIVE this thing is....I measured it. 13 inches. Yes, 13 inches. Longer than a 5 dollar foot long, and 3 times more stuffing.  When they are putting the order together for you, they ask what you want in it. I got EVERYTHING (hummus and every item at the salad bar) including FRENCH FRIES. Yes you heard right, the fat kid in me REALLY came out, getting french fries in my 13 inch, 6 falafel ball laffa wrap. I of course asked for white sauce and hot sauce, the guy looked at me like I was a freak of nature and actually started laughing when I asked for more stuff in my wrap, he would barely fold it in half and ended up wrapping it 5 times in foil!
Rushing back to the office I quickly took the first bite....ugh, AMAZING. It actually stayed together much better than the falafel at Crisp, and all the flavors meshed together beautifully. The falafel was larger and very crunchy. The white sauce was really tasty, and all of the pickled veggies were so fresh.
My favorite part actually was the laffa itself. So incredibly chewy, dense, and flavorful on its own, I would buy it by itself sometime just to snack on.  After finishing half, my stomach decided to punish me...I felt like I was in a dream, falafel balls were dancing around my head and my body was sluggish and GASSY...I felt bad for the person next to me on the treadmill later that day! 
Price: 6.95
Verdict: Lets see, cheaper than Crisp and DOUBLE the food? Olympic Pita wins! Plus a salad bar, and left overs for next days lunch food coma? And the tastiest laffa I have ever had? Can't be beat! 
Olympic Pita
58 West 38th Street
New York, NY 100018

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