Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Crumbs..or Crumby?

Normally I don't like to post food from chain restaurants, but this is different. This chain is about CUPCAKES. Oh cupcakes.. the hybrid between a cake and a muffin. What could be better? At work we celebrated one more time for Kristina's birthday and Steph's leaving with these sugary treats.
Red Velvet
I have said this once, and I will say it again...red velvet cupcakes are my favorite cupcakes. "If I could, I would drape myself in velvet." (George Costanza). I would drape myself in red velvet...(is that possible?) 
Anyway I judge a cupcake by the cake and frosting separately, then together. The cake had no flavor what so ever. I mean AT ALL. I had no idea if I was eating cake or a sponge. The frosting was ridiculously sweet and to top it off it had sprinkles. Sprinkles are not a good thing, dried up chalky pellets anyone? No thanks.
Price: $3.75

Devils Food
I had higher hopes for this one, but cutting this revealed a marshmallowy center. This was ...confusing. Since when was there marshmallows in Devils Food? The cake? Again, dry and tasteless. The frosting was still way too sweet, but texturally a little better since chocolate crumbs and chocolate drizzle replaced the sprinkles. 
Price: $3.75

Rainbow Vanilla
Ugh, again with the sprinkles... I didn't even bother trying the frosting at this point and went straight to trying the cake. It was surprisingly a lot more moist than the other two I had tried, though it tasted like someone had mistakenly put 1 ladel full of vanilla extract than 1 teaspoon in the recipe. The better cupcake out of the bunch.
Price: $3.75

Cookies n' Cream
Just like the fate of the other cakes, this too, was dry and tasteless. I will let you guess how the frosting tasted...
Price: $3.75
Verdict: Crumbs could possibly be the most over-rated dessert place out there. Suitable for tourists, but for New Yorkers? I'd rather trek up to Little Red Hens in the UES instead and get some cupcakes made with love.
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