Monday, June 7, 2010

Dinner: Pukk

 The other night, Melissa, Nikoma, and I met up for dinner in East Village. Hungry, hot, and tired we decided to walk to the closest yummy place within the 4 block radius. We finally arrived at Pukk; a Thai vegetarian restaurant with fun decor and affordable food. 
Interesting 2 people seating right in the glass lobby. Not sure how I feel about being on display as I shovel food into my mouth like an animal, but it does interest some people...
The place has a very clean modern atmosphere. The white tiles reminded me of a bathroom, I didn't know if I should have taken a poop or eat...maybe the same time!

Spinach Pancake
There were 6 that came in the dish. These were more like sauteed spinach wrapped with wonton wrappers and deep fried topped with duck sauce. The spinach was soft and melted in my mouth, the wonton itself was a little oily. The duck sauce tasted like the packet sauce, I wished there was something more added to it other than the pepper flakes they threw in. I wouldn't get these again, but it was something to tide me over until the main dishes came (which they did and very quickly!)
Price: $4.00
Gravy Noodles
This was Melissa's order, it looked DELICIOUS. This was made with vegetarian duck, veggies and flat glass noodles in a ginger gravy sauce. She said that it was pretty bland until she put some hot sauce on it, and would definitely order it again.
Price: $8.00
Massaman Tofu Curry
Nikoma ordered this one. Made with tofu, sweet potato, onion, peanuts and served with a side of brown rice. All I remember was a very quite Nikoma with loud bursts of "MMMMM!!"  I am guessing he would recommend this dish to people.
Price: $7.00
Chicken Green Curry
This was made with vegetarian chicken, and veggies. The curry was very watery and not very flavorful until I added hot sauce. The chicken were shaped like round disks and ladled the curry and brown rice in a perfectly proportioned mouthful. They gave me huge portions and I ended up taking some home for leftovers (woo-hoo!)
Price: $7.00
Verdict: I would definitely come back again, the food was good, the portions HUGE, and the prices; very reasonable. They also serve sangria, and fun asian themed martinis (including lychee flavor!) The service was fast, efficient and good. Our appetizers came within the first 5 minutes of ordering!

One thing that drove me CRAZY was that I felt something like a mosquito continually biting my legs and arms throughout my entire dining experience. Sure enough, I saw tiny little white ones flying around me. They didn't seem to bother anyone else too much. This was the 4th time I have been here and the first time this happened, so hopefully the bugs came because of the sudden hot weather and not moving in!
Lesson learned: Being itchy while eating is not fun
75 1st Avenue
New York NY 10003

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