Monday, June 14, 2010

Dinner: Dock Street Pub

One of the great things about dating a guy in a band, is that you sometimes get to go to new places you would normally not think twice about. Dock Street Pub is a microbrewery and pizza restaurant located in the out skirts of Philadelphia. We always come here whenever Buddy's band ( the National Rifle) plays a show at the Danger Danger Gallery (a DIY music and art venue). I love it when they play there because I will always be guaranteed a night of great food, and an even greater, wild show. Before they had to play, the whole band including some friends went to grab some drinks and food at the pub.
Ample seating outside, but unsurprising, all the tables were taken because of the beautiful weather we have been having
The list of microbrews on tap 
The Royal Bohemian 
The name came from the way they brewed the beer, traditionally as a pilsner in the style from Bohemia. This had a nutty, light and refreshing taste. Flavorful enough for beer snobs, but still drinkable for people who like brews on the "lighter" side.
Price: $4.50

The Bubbly Wit
This was aged in an apple wood barrel for 4 months. It was extra dry, and had a faint after taste of apple cider. I had to pace myself, and sip slowly since it was 8% alcohol by volume!
Price: $4.50

    Caprese Salad
My friend Kim ordered this one and added artichokes to her salad. I had a taste, and it was so refreshing! Everything from the basil, to the mozzarella, to the tomatos were so fresh. The tomatoes and basil leaves looked like they were on steroids! The only thing I wished for was a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette to give it the extra kick.
Price: $7.95

Apple Smoked Ham Calzone
This was filled with ricotta, mozzeralla cheese and wrapped in pizza dough. I didn't have any, but it looked amazingly delicous!
Price: $8.25

The Margherita
These pizzas are a little different then the Neapolitan style I am used to in New York. Instead of the classic tomato sauce, they used the whole peeled and canned tomato chunks. They were also more generous with the sprinkling of basil and mozzarella (which I very much loved) . The dough itself was on the thick side, but with a skinnier crust, and was chewy and hardy. Though it was a hardwood fired oven, there was minimial char, but cooked threw and threw. I really enjoyed this pie, it was a "meater" version of the delicate margherita. The tomatoes were delicous, soft, and juicy without making the rest of the pie watery. Overall I would recommend to traditional pizza lovers.
Price: $7.95

The Brie 
I apologize now for the messy still shot, people are ANIMALS and I had to quick grab a slice before it was all gone! This was my favorite slice of the night, composed of sliced pears, toasted walnuts, brie, and rosemary. I loved the nuttiness that the walnuts gave, which complimented the sweet pear and creamy brie beautifully. They found a wonderful flavor balance in this pie.
Price: $8.95

The Fig Jam
This was made with fig jam, gorgonzola, applewood smoked bacon, and fresh rosemary. A stronger flavor than the brie, the bacon added a great smokey flavor that went well with the sweetness of the jam. Again, the flavors balanced each other out wonderfully.
Price: $8.75

The Underskirt- See? What did I tell you.. minimal char!
Clockwise: Buddy (drummer), Me, Kim, Hugh (guitarist/singer), Lynna (keyboards/singer), Geoff (photographer), Anthony, and Rob ( guitarist/singer of Born Pilot). 
We were full and ready for a night of fun!
Verdict: This is a really fun and spacious place to come with friends, and unsurprisingly, very packed on a Friday night. Though it is in the middle of nowhere Philadelphia, it is worth the drive. Overall I felt that while their dough and crust weren't the best, they make up for it in their superb ingredients, and beautiful flavor balances in their pies. I can't wait to come back!
Dock Street Pub
701 South 50th Street
West Philadelphia, PA 19143
Burning off those pizza calories later that night at the show!
*Photo by Geoff Hall

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