Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dinner: Baoguette

Hello everyone! Welcome back from memorial break, hope you enjoyed  the long weekend as much as I have! Now it is back to more food and yumminess!
So the Thursday before the long weekend a friend and I decided to grab some food before I headed back to Pa to visit the family. We wanted something cheap, filling and guaranteed delicious... Vietnamese hoagies? Why not?

The Classic
Melissa got this, the baguette was stuffed with pork, terrine, pate, cilantro, and pickled carrots and daikon. It is their staple; filling and delicious. ( This was a quick bite past entry, but I had to take a better picture of it!)
Price: $6.00
Green Papaya Salad
This was made with shrimp, mint, lime fish sauce, crushed peanuts. I got excited when I saw the large shrimps, but soon realized they were cut in half (see above image) :(  I only counted 3 whole shrimps in my whole dish.  The carrots and daikon were crunchy and fresh, the sauce was tart, tangy and sweet all at once.  I hardly ever order green papaya salads, and now I remember why. After eating a bunch of shredded veggies, the flavor and texture get repetitive and I felt like I was rabbit. I wish they had sprinkled a little more peanuts into the dish to make it a tad more exciting.
Price: $7.00
Pandan Ice Cream Cone
Time for dessert! We usually go else where to get our sweet fix, but it started raining and neither of us wanted to walk around in the rain to find something. Plus, an ice cream cone of 2 dollars?! What a steal in NYC!
This is named after a fruit that is supposed to have a citrus-y, piney taste to it. However, this  tasted exactly like a vanilla wafer and the rice krispies sprinkled on top reinforced the wafer like taste. The ice cream itself was creamy, slightly thick, and overall a satisfying end to a meal. I would definitely get this ice cream cone again (I liked how the color matched my nails!)
Price: $2.00
Verdict: I like this Baoguette better than the rest, since it has tables and a waiting service ( which is always really friendly and nice). They also are coming out with milkshakes! Black sesame, toasted sesame, chocolate, vanilla, and mixed. I am pretty excited about that and will report back when I have tried them!
37 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10003

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