Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Product Review: I'll ro Ranything ror a ScooOOby Snack!

Ralking around the risle, I rotted rome ScooOOoby Racks! Oh, ZIONKS! Rhere ras a rhoice retween roney or rinnamon...rhat ro rhoose??! Rinnanom rit ris!
Cinnamon Scooby Snack
Oh man, I can't type like Scooby Doo anymore, my spell check is going BONKERS...(okay, last one I swear!) In need of some sweet munchies, and feeling adventurous, I decided to grab these fun little graham cracker biscuits. YUM, these little suckers were hearty and crunchy. More tasty than any regular graham cracker I've tried in the past.These had a nice spiciness to them,and had an after taste of nutmeg and honey. 
Price: $2.50 at Target
Verdict: Be careful if you sit in front of the T.V with these because before you know it...half the box will be gone. They are utterly addicting. Two days later, I bought another box. I guess I would go anything for a Scooby Snack...even gain weight!

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