Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brunch: Jing Fong Dim Sum!

I can't believe I haven't been to dim sum since I move to New York! So finally on Saturday I dragged my friends out of bed to meet me for dim sum at 10:30 am, because god forbid me eat all the delicious treats without sharing! Its earlier than I would have liked to meet up, but considering this place gets extremely crowded with long waits on weekends, I didn't want to take the chance. Me + Hunger+ Morning+ Waiting= Crazy Asian Monster
Outside...We were lucky enough to get there before it got crowded!
The buffet area, the food is a little more expensive here, but they offer mussels, escargot, and fresh sauteed veggies!
Large Dining Area...seriously, this place was HUGE!

Sticky Rice in Banana Leaf
Casey and I ended up waiting 40 minutes for Melissa and Nikoma to arrive, we could take no more,  and had to order before we ate each other. The rice was mixed with pork sausage, chicken,and peanuts. YUM! Fatty, "sticky", and the flavors of the meats marinated into the rice and was perfectly satisfying. 
Price: $3.95 (large) 2 per order

Vegetable Stuffed Rice Roll
The table next to us got seated and started ordering 8 million different things, Casey and I were still waiting for the other 2 in our party to arrive and we couldn't stop drooling at what they had ordered. We HAD to order one more dish! This was stuffed with different chinese veggies and pieces of pork. It was wrapped by a very slippery broad glass noodle. This was packed to capacity with veggies, just a dab of hot sauce and it was perfection. One of my favorites of the day.
Price: $3.95 (large) 2 per order
Egg Custard Bun
Finally after Melissa and Nikoma arrived, the dessert cart did as well! Whipped egg yolk, cream and sugar made up this very creamy custard inside the gelatinous ball. It was a nice and quick sugar fix before digging into more savory treats.
Price: $1.95 (small) 3 per order

Spinach and Shrimp Stuffed Pockets
These little pockets were filled with spinach, carrots, and pieces of shrimp, it reminded me almost like a vietnamese summer roll. The carrots were crunchy and the shrimp nicely cooked. Good, but not the star of the dim sum show.
Price: $2.95 (medium) 3 per order

Bean Curd Wrapped Pork
The pork in this had a lot of flavor. The rolls were pretty big, and the bean curd's smooth texture balanced out the porks natural gristliness. This one I most definitely will be hunting down next time I go here!
Price: $3.95 (large) 3 per order

Spinach Bun
These small gelatinous balls are stuffed with spinach and pieces of pork. I liked how the tops and bottoms of these had a nice sear, giving it a good crunchy texture. The filling was actually quite juicy and the ratio of dough to spinach was 1:3 which is a winner in my book! 
Price: $2.95 (medium) 3 per order

Shrimp Rice Noodle
These had 2 whole small shrimp in each noodle roll and were drizzled with a soy sauce/vinegar mix. They were pretty bland and I ended up picking out the shrimp and leaving the noodle behind. I am a noodle lover, but these had absolutely no taste to them.
Price: $3.95 (large) 3 per order

Chestnut Pancake
We ended up getting these by accident, mistaking them for turnip pancakes. Chestnuts are my favorite nuts, but these squares were a horrible representation of them. It tasted dry and quite bitter. The outside was crispy, and the inside had a mushy firm texture. They topped it with a soy sauce paste, which made them extra salty. DO NOT GET THESE. Unless of course...you like bitter, salty things in shapes of squares.
Price: $2.95 (medium) 4 per order

Pork and Shrimp Shumai
Melissa ordered these, though Casey and I didn't try any (my belly was about to EXPLODE by that point) but she seemed to love them
Price: $3.95 (large) 4 per order
Sesame Ball
 Don't these look like cute little pac-man? Anyway, so I lied....the dessert cart came again and of course I HAD to get a few more things before I went into my food coma. One of my favorite Chinese desserts, traditionally filled with red bean paste, these were filled with yellow bean. I like yellow bean better because it has a creamier and more consistent texture. Deep fried and rolled in sesame seeds, this was the perfect wholesome treat
Price: $1.95 (small) 3 per order

Carrot Dessert
We were all very intrigued by the carrot shaped desserts. Cautious and with turtle like speed, Nikoma decided to try the one and only thing he ate here. We were all on the edge of our seats waiting for his response..."good, I feel good". Maybe not a typical response, but one nonetheless. These tasted like fried carrots with a brown sugar and sesame center. Fun, quirky, and whimsical? Yes. Would I get it again? No.
Price: $1.95 (small) 3 per order
Nikoma, Casey, Melissa and I
Verdict: I can not wait to go back here for dim sum! It was authentic, there was a crazy amount of variety, and the seating was spacious. I suggest getting there before 11, by the time we left (around 11:30-12 pm), there was a 40 minute wait to get in. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm (or should I say dumpling)
Jing Fong
20 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

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