Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Bite: The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market

Right off of the 8th Ave exit on the L, Chelsea Market (also home of the Food Network, and formerly the Nabisco Factory) is just a hop, skip, and jump away! Known for its collection of artisan foods all in one place, you can get everything from crepes, regional Italian groceries, to specialty ice pops, and fresh seafood.  Though today I had one thing in mind...the famous LOBSTER ROLL.

Outside cant miss it!
The place inside has and industrial art feel to it and this frame was hanging by the entrance...perfect photo op!
After passing Amy's Bread, the Milk Bar, and Jacques Torres I finally arrived at my destination. As I walked in, it smelled like seafood, but not like the nauseating kind...the fresh, light fragrance that reminds you of being at the beach ( and NOT New Jersey know a really really nice beach, preferably Fiji?). All around were piles of fresh fish, crustaceans and sushi ready for consumption.  

The Lobster Roll
This came with a side of chips and coleslaw. The roll itself was small (compared to the 16oz beer)...about 5-6, inches long. However, it was PACKED with chunks of lobster claw, tail, and smaller bits mixed with a garlic mayonnaise and topped with chives. It tasted....beautiful. The bread was an ultra soft, thick piece of white bread and just melted into the lobster, forming one unity of creamy and rich bliss. The garlic in the mayonnaise was just enough without disturbing the lobsters natural sweetness. Sigh..if only I had another one right now...
Price: $18.00 (Market Price varies however, but its usually around this price)
Verdict: This was worth every penny, and the coleslaw was actually quite tasty (considering I'm not a huge fan of coleslaw to begin with) the roll was also surprisingly filling. For the quality and freshness, I will definitely be back to try their other fish sandwiches or sushi, and of course to once and again, splurge on a lobster roll.
The Lobster Place
75 9th Ave
New York NY, 10011

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