Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tingers Tips: How To Make Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Over the past weekend I had went to visit my dad in Ohio. One of my favorite things about him is not that he is kind, loving, or a good father... it's the fact that this man can COOK. And what better way to start my feast by one of my favorite Chinese snacks? Scallion Pancakes!
This recipe is super easy, super cheap and obviously DELICIOUS!
My dad ready to cook.... his apron is so freaking adorable!

Just a dad owns absolutely no measuring cups or baking utensils so the "measurements" are all eyeballed

The Dough (this is also to be used as the dough for the dumplings which I will give the recipe later for!)
Ingredients:        1  popcorn bowl full of all purpose flour
                              2-3 cute puppy mugs of water

Scallion Pancakes
                              2-3 sprigs of chopped scallions
                              1 large pinch of salt
                              1/2 tea cup of vegetable oil 

Step1: slowly drizzle water into the flour and mix adding water when needed until pliable, but not too sticky

Step 2: Knead into a ball and cover to rest for 10-20 minutes

Step 3: Roll out until thin and drizzle with oil, spread the oil until the entire surface is covered

Step 4: Sprinkle the chopped scallions, and salt until you see nice coverage
Step 5: Roll lengthwise and cut into thirds

Step 6: Roll up horizontally and squash down with your hands
Step 7: Flatten even more with a roller until desired thin or thickness

Step 8: After heating oil in a skillet, fry until golden brown, delicious and bubbly!

Step 9: Cut with a pizza cutter ( or scissors if you want to be ghetto) and DIG IN!

Verdict: Why pay 3.50 for 1 order of scallion pancakes at a Chinese restaurant when you can make this at home!? Delicious and you can even add any other ingredients you wish ( pepper, chives, ham, etc)
OR even fry some eggs and make it a scallion pancake egg wrap for breakfast!   ^_^

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