Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lunch: $2.25 for a Tiny Macaron?! It Better Give Me an Orgasm!

I had always passed this place while walking to Penn Station to catch a train. Finally I made it my priority to check this place out on my lunch break since it looked so gosh darn cute. I have had 1 or 2 macarons in my life time, but was never a huge fan. Maybe this trip will change my mind?
Even a little line for lunch makes me nervous...I don't like waiting more than 5 minutes for food during lunch. I feel like I'm wasting precious "me" time!

I want their uniforms as a costume. They are freakin adorable! Oh, and the space was small, crowded and cramped. Not for the claustrophobics out there.

With is display, how can you not get a macaron? The colors are hypnotizing!

Mango and Lemon Macaron
They had samples of the macarons on the counter for people to nibble at while waiting to get  food. Naturally I had to try some!
Mango: This was the orange one. No mango taste whatsoever. Pure (overly) salty whipped butter. I wouldn't recommend getting this flavor.
Lemon: Tart,  subtle hint of lemon. Lemons a pretty boring flavor in general, so I'm glad I at least tried it since I wouldn't have purchased this any other time.

The Norvegian
This was made with filone bread, smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese mixed with dill and scallions. Tiny ass sandwich. The whole thing was about the size of half a normal sandwich you would get at a deli. However, they make it up by the nice hefty portion of salmon. I loved the bread, airy light and fluffy like a cloud. All the flavors blended together nicely except for the capers. They were vinegary and overpowered the rest of the subtle flavors of the sandwich. Even hours later I could still taste the capers in my mouth. Blegh.
Price: $7.75

Honey Lavender
Of course I couldn't leave the cafe without trying a macaron of my choice....but hmm, 2.25 for a itty bitty little macaron?? When I can get a gigantic cookie for half that price? It better be worth it!  I took a bite... thin crispy shell, airy chewy center. I was really enjoying the texture. Alas, it should have been named ginger honey instead. All I tasted was ginger. The lavender part must have been referring solely on the color.
Price: $2.25
Verdict: This place is a little gem in the mass industrious jungle of midtown. A little Parisian escape that I would gladly visit again. Everyday they have a different featured sandwich of the day. Wednesdays is fresh crab! I will be checking that out for sure. Oh... and am I a fan of macarons yet?.... Maybe much less of a fan then the cupcake or Neapolitan pizza fad, but if there is an interesting  sounding flavor, I just might get one.
Macaron Cafe
485 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10018

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