Thursday, August 19, 2010

Capogiro: Memories of Italy In One Delicious Lick

Okay, 1 more post on Philadelphia, and I tomorrow I will post about New York again! I had to post this because this gelato place is so fantastic.
I went to the Sansom location ( yes after I got the cupcakes from yesterday's post) because who could resist a cool creamy treat after a day for walking around eating?

 Roomy, clean, and not only do they serve delicious gelato, they also have panini's, croissants and cookies too. Oh and get this; they also have H& H bagels from New York. I personally am not a fan of that particular bagel company, but it's nice to know.

 Bacio and Mora Gelato
Bruce ordered Bacio (which is chocolate and hazelnut gelato with bits of hazelnut in it) and Mora (which is blackberry gelato). I didn't have any, but it looked incredibly decadent.
Price: $4.50
 Thai Coconut Milk Gelato and Watermelon Sorbet
As usual, I had to get mine in a cone. Holy Cannoli, was this refreshing! The coconut milk gelato was ultra creamy, natural hints of coconut with an after taste of rum. This complimented the watermelon (which actually tasted exactly like watermelon without being overly sweet or fake tasting.) With every lick, I was one step closer to heaven until...
This! WTF?? A hollow cone is the saddest thing ever  :(
Price: $4.50 (+ .25 for a cone)
Verdict: Ah.... this small reminder of Italy is enough to subside my urge to buy a plane ticket there and want to order another serving! Great quality gelato when you don't feel like walking over to Reading Terminal for Bassett's Ice Cream.
Capogiro Gelato
119 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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