Monday, August 9, 2010

Off Beat: Awkwardly Cute Things That Can Only Be Found in an Asian Grocery Store

Over the past weekend I went to visit my dad in the suburbs of Ohio. Before he spoiled me rotten with amazing home cooked food, he had to pick up the ingredients first, so off we went to the nearest Asian supermarket!
I am so used to New Yorks Chinatown that this looks like an abandoned building. Pretty creepy huh??

So clean... so organized.... and the prices are great!

I wanted to collect every single one of these

Is he giving a peace sign or trying to shoot a finger gun? I can't decide

How can you not resist his teal polka dot shirt?

Effing adorable. I don't care what these are, the little bunny is enough for me to want to buy it

This guy could kick tweety birds ass

This guy couldn't

This giraffe is obviously smoking something and totally peer pressuring  bunny. Bunny is still unsure whether or not to listen to those anti-drug commercials.


Awkward. Not cute. Somehow even a bit inappropriate.

Well.... WTF is that pink shit on the left? It looks like it desperately needs to see a dermatologist with that abnormal growth on its body.

Cute thing tripping on acid

Pretend ice cream cone eating another pretend ice cream cone?

Fucking cute.

This is just hard core

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