Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Vegan Ice Cream?!?

After dinner one night with Melissa and Nikoma, we all got the sweet tooth and wanted a little treat. Since Nikoma is a vegan we decided to stop by Stogo, an all vegan organic  ice cream shop!
Outside and right across the street from Urban Outfitters

Display of goodies! They also have vegan cupcakes and macarons for sale as well.
Also, just to let you know: There are 3 different types of "bases" for the ice cream:
soy based: I tried the pistacchio, dry as hell, almost powdery...egh
coconut based: Tried the blueberies and cream, very creamy; the most resembling traditional ice cream
hemp based: I tried the honey walnut; gritty and inconsistent in texture..again, egh

Ice Cream Sandwich
Nikoma got this and it was made with vegan chocolate chip cookies from Babycakes and vanilla ice cream (coconut based). Thank goodness I asked him to take a picture of it for me because by the time I paid and sat down with him, it was all gone!  He absolutely loved it.
Price:  $ 5.50

Blueberries and Cream
Well....the truth is, the only way for me to truly enjoy ice cream is if I eat it in a cone. Since stogo didn't sell their ice cream in cones, I bought a cone from a store and brought it into Stogo. Yes, I know I am a freak of nature. But a girls gotta do whatever it takes to enjoy ice cream at its fullest potential right??

Finally done making my ice cream cone!
I had tried handing my cone to the girl behind to counter so she could fill it, but she looked at the cone as if it had Herpes or something " Umm... its our POLICY that we don't have our equipment touch anything from the OUTSIDE." She said almost snobbishly. Fine, I will my own cone after you wasted a perfectly good plastic cup for nothing. Organic and vegan they may be, but not eco-conscious! ( I guess you can have it all?)
Anyway, on to the ice cream.... it was insanely creamy, generously drizzled with blueberries throughout and an after taste if coconut, which complimented the blueberries very nicely. If someone hadn't told me this was vegan, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference! Downside? My teeth looked like it had gotten a horrible case of blackheads. They were completely covered in bits of blueberries which took about 5-10 minutes of unattractive tongue licking in front of a mirror to get off. The ice cream was worth it though!
Price: $5.50
Verdict: Delicious? Yes. A nice beating to your wallet? Yep. Think of this as the "Godiva" of ice creams, ( and get a flavor that is coconut based it has the most resemblance to real ice cream!) but if you are just looking for a quick cool fix, a "Hershey's" (a.k.a Mister Softee) would do just the trick!
159 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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