Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saint Alp Teahouse: How Much for That Painting?

Melissa and I met up last week for an early dinner and we decided to stop by Saint Alps Tea House for dinner. This is usually a "bubble tea" joint, but their food menu had pictures of all their food and crazy cheap prices, we couldn't resist trying it out.
Before 7pm.... by 7:30pm, every single seat was taken with people waiting at the door!

Not going to lie, totally scoping out a girls drink... they come in 2 sizes... I'm guessing this is the large?

Crispy Squid with Spices
This was nicely coated with panko crumbs and perfectly crunchy and spicy. I wasn't a fan of the the cheap tasting duck sauce, but for 4 dollars who could complain for such a good portion?
Price: $4.00

Curried Chicken with Green Tea Noodles
Bits of fried chicken, soft potatoes and green tea noodles drowning in curry sauce. Absolutely DROWNING. By the middle of my meal , the noodles got rather soggy and mushy and at the same tim edry ( is that even possible?) The curry flavor was pretty forgettable and the bits of chicken were dry. Egh, again for the price, I guess you can't really complain for the amount you get. Would I get this again? Nope.
Price: $6.00

Supreme Matcha Green Tea Toast
This is possibly the only thing I would come back for (and to try their drinks). The toast was the size of  a nice texas style. The matcha butter was sweet, sticky and addicting to eat ( I totally want to try and replicate the recipe sometime soon!) Soft, fluffy airy center; it would have been perfect with bubble tea.
Price: $2.00

Painting Over My Head
Um.. so this is the most Asian thing ever. What the hell is going on with the girls fingers on the left?? Is she skipping, about to attack the guy with the red dot nose or pretending to be a monster? I have no idea. And why does that dude have a red dot as a nose? Wat happened to his friends nose? How much is this painting, because I want it! 
Verdict: Well.. by the time I left there was actually a wait for tables at this place (??) Maybe there wouldn't be if their service was a little more organized and speedy, I had to literally flail my arms around   like a person on a stranded island trying to find a rescue  boat just to get my check. I guess I should try their drinks next time because people certainly can't be waiting out the door for their dinner.

Saint Alp Teahouse
30 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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