Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Market Street Grille: Where Diet's Go to Die

I know I have reviewed this place a little while back, but I had to talk about it again, because this restaurant is a glutton's heaven.... and I wanted to make sure I didn't make the same mistakes as I did the last time I came here.
Last time: Their tap was like drinking toilet water and their coffee tasted the same
This time: played it safe with bottles water and a diet snapple (hey, I know what you are all thinking...don't judge the diet... I was about to consume a billion calories in a short bit!)

Last time: Didn't see their awesome specials they had on the chalkboard at the end of the resturant
This time: Grabbed a seat at the counter this time to make sure I had a good view of what they offered that day

Texas French Toast
I  threatened with a sharp knife convinced Buddy to get the french toast special. It came with honey, walnuts, raspberries, and nectarines with a nice dollop of marscapone cheese. The toast was a little soggy and the fruit syrup was too sweet. However, the chunks of fresh fruit, crunchy walnuts and creamy tart cheese made up for it. The portion? HUGE.
Price: $9.00

I ate most of it. He polished this off pretty nicely though!

Grilled Cheese Tomato Eggs Benedict
I also went with a special. A grilled cheese the bacon, and tomato on a brioche topped with eggs benedict. Now this should be on that website thisiswhyyourrefat.com. Bigger then my head and thicker then a crappy text book about string theory, I dived into this thing full force.

Holy shit, was this thing tasty! The brioche was chewy and thick, it soaked up all the gooey egg yolks and binded with the generous portion of american cheese beautifully. The bacon? Chewy, and crispy, and oh so cholesterol filled. I was in animal fat heaven( or hell?). I planned on buying a pack of TUMS afterwards....
Price:  $11.50

Yes, this was a 10 inch plate, and yes, I did finish it...how am I going to wash it down you ask?....

With a chocolate dipped ice cream cone from Dairy Queen of course!

Verdict: The best Massive hangover brunch food I've had in PA, but remember: DON'T drink their water, LOOK at the specials on the blackboard and be prepared to STUFF your face! It's very busy during the weekend, so getting a counter seat is your best bet!

Market Street Grille
6 West Market Street
West Chester PA 19382

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