Friday, August 20, 2010

No.7 Sub: Mystery Meat is Greasy but Tasty

 So I got a new job. What does this mean for me? A new area to explore food of course! I am currently RIGHT across the street from Koreatown, which also means I am much closer to No.7 Sub. On my first day at my new job, I decided to celebrate and treat myself to one of their tasty sandwiches.

Roast Turkey
This was made with bleu cheese, pickled melon slices, dijon, and basil. Okay I see all the ingredients here, but... WHAT KIND OF SHENANIGANS is that massive pulverized meat blob in the center of my sandwich?!? I was utterly confused when I unwrapped this. Could they have messed up my order? Is this a joke? Did they accidentally throw that in? I even decided to look at their online menu to see if they did mess my order up...nope. No other kind of meat that even slightly sounded like this blob of meat. Well, anyway I guess onto the tasting?....
I took a bite, I could barely taste the turkey itself, the flavor of the ultra salty, greasy mystery meat over powered anything the turkey had to offer. On the other hand, there was just enough blue cheese to add some tang and the melon was a delightful refreshment after each bite (it was actually my favorite part of the sandwich). I got a couple bites of basil, but not much, though the basil was fresh and fragrant. This was a pretty heavy sandwich, I still couldn't figure out what kind of protein it was, but I was anticipating meat constipation for the next 3 days. Bring on the laxatives....
Price: $9.00
Verdict: Maybe not the best sandwich I have had from there, but this will not detour me from going again. There is a massive line out the door during lunch rush for a reason.  They also started serving breakfast sandwiches and I am very excited to try one!
No.7 Sub
1188 Broadway
New York, NY 10001

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