Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philly Cupcake: Finally Cupcakes Where Their Flavor Actually Rivals Their Good Looks

After the lunch we had, Bruce and I decided to take a walk around in search of dessert and stumbled upon Philly Cupcakes. I have been very jaded in the past with cupcake places (especially since their are about 50 zillion "specialty" cupcake stores in New York) most of them ended up being a huge disappointment (Ahem.. CRUMBS..cough, cough). So of course I had my doubts

 Eye catching entrance, I first I thought this was a toy store... I guess that woman had to take a double look too!

Holy crap.. this was screaming utter cute overload, adorable heaven! The colors, the furniture, everything I dreamed of when I was a little girl came to life!

Display of dog treats (!!! Again, adorable furniture!)

The cupcakes are shown off in China display cabinets. They looked so pretty, but are they tasty?..we shall see! Oh and see my reflection? I got all my hair chopped off!

I bought only 3 and took them home for a taste test with Buddy...

Sweet Potato Cupcake
This was made with pecans and pecan cream cheese frosting. First bite: the cake didn't crumble, it was moist, bouncy, and most of all... FLAVORFUL. Like eating a slice of sweet potato pie and pecan pie all at once.  The pecan glaze added a touch of stickiness, and the pecans added a good textural crunch.  Buddy is usually a fan of only chocolate things, and this turned out to be his favorite .
Price: $4.00

The Coma
This is a gluten free, flourless cupcake with chocolate butter cream and ganache. I didn't get this because it was gluten free, I got this because it was the most chocolatey thing on the menu! I took a bite of the cake; never had I tasted such an intense flavor of cocoa in a cupcake until now. Almost bitter chocolate with the rich ganache adding the right touch of sweetness to it. I was never a fan of chocolate cupcakes (or chocolate cakes for the matter) because the flavor of cocoa was always missing. This little delight won me over, insanely moist and satisfying. Again, I was very impressed.
Price: $4.00

The Red Velvet
Okay, here is the true test to see if this Cupcake place will be on my list of must -go places in Philly: The red velvet. First bite: the milk chocolate-nutty flavor I love about red velvets truly came through. The cream cheese frosting was sweet, but had just enough tartness to balance it out. The frosting was light and airy and melted into the moist, dense cake.  Still not as amazing as Two Little Red Hens in New York, but the best red velvet in Philadelphia that I have ever had.
Price: $3.50
Verdict: Finally, cupcakes where their flavor actually rivals their good looks! Next time I am in Philadelphia, I will definitely be making a stop here to try more flavors. Especially since I looked at their online menu and spotted lavender cupcakes with peach schnapps frosting (!!)  I also chatted with one of the owners for a little bit, he was super friendly and nice (but who wouldn't be if they worked at such a cute place?) and told me they will be expanding their shop. They will be adding windows so people passing by can watch the bakers decorate the cupcakes. Such a great idea!
Philly Cupcake
1132 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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