Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Tooth: The Most Satisfying Thing in a Tube. EVER

The other day my ex roomate May had wanted to meet up to do a photo shoot on our roof top for her job. Before we started shooting we decided to go a near by deli and grab beer. Once at the counter she spotted this. "OH MY GOD, these are SOOOO good!" she exclaimed. I had ever seen these iced treats ever before in my life and I was intrigued. She insisting on buying one for me. I gladly accepted her gift :)

Mamita's Home Style Batata Cream Stick
Trying to open this was the hard part, since there was no excess plastic for easy cutting, but after what seemed like ETERNITY I got this sucker open.  I took a bite. Holy shit, this was the most incredibly creamy ice pop I have ever had. It had a light after taste of coconut (although batata means sweet potato in spanish, I couldn't quite tell the difference)
Amazing, refreshing, and very satisfying. If you spot this at a local deli- GET IT. The best ice cream in a tube ever. They also had tamarind flavor that I will definitely be trying soon!
Price: $1.00
Spotted at most Hispanic/ Latin Delis
( I found mine by my apartment in Williamsburg)

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