Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treats Truck: More Cookies!!

I guess I am on a cookie kick! Walking around the city last week a sweet aroma filled my nostrils...what else other then the Treats Truck? How could I say no to a cookie? It's just physically impossible!
Oatmeal with Raspberry Jammy
These are a pretty decent size, a bit smaller than a CD. The oatmeal was  chewy, soft and dense. Although I wished for a little crunch on the edges, it was still satisfying. The jam came with either apricot or raspberry, being a fan of both, I decided to go for the raspberry. It was rather gelatinous and pretty tart which overwhelmed the poor oatmeal cookie. I ended up scraping the rest off. Next time, I will just get the regular oatmeal
Price: $1.25

Chocolate Chip with Walnuts
This may be my favorite "after lunch stuck at work" chocolate chip cookie yet! Chewy, dense and  just absolutely perfect as a late afternoon snack. Generous amounts of chocolate and walnuts drizzled throughout each bite. The winner of the two treats I got.
Price: $1.00
Verdict:  A cheap, tasty sweet treat that really hits the spot! I can't wait until they are in around my office area again so  can try more of what they have to offer! Next time their brownies are calling my name. Mmm..mmm!
Treats Truck
Multiple Locations

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