Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adrienne's Pizza Bar: There is Potential Here

So it's a little embarrassing to admit that I have only been to the Financial District once in my time living in New York (and it was only to shop at Century 21....the biggest headache disguised as a department store ever... but thats another story) Anyway, I decided to visit Adrienne's Pizza Bar with the intention of finally visiting South Street Seaport afterwards.

The little alley way to the restaurant...this reminds me of Italy's little hidden streets...*sigh*

I met up with Melissa, and both opted for the indoor seating since it was so hot out. Clearly others didn't feel the same

Complimentary Bread
I don't know if it was the fact that I was very hungry, or if they put magic in this bread, but it was ADDICTING. It came piping hot, utterly soft and fluffy. It came with olive oil and vinegar ( no that is not a olive).
Price: Free

Pizza Toscana
This was a 10 inch white pizza with prosciutto, potato, scallions, and basil.  The slice was sturdy enough that you didn't have to fold it in half to eat. The components sadly,  weren't cooked correctly. Let's start with the potato: first of all it was cold (??) and to top it off it was unnecessarily oily. The proscuitto was over cooked, I felt like I was eating bacon. They should have put it on top after the the pie came out of the oven so it could keep its buttery soft texture. The scallions and basil were lovely, I wouldn't have minded if they made a pizza with just scallions!  Overall, the pizza was satisfying, but nothing to have an orgasm over.
Price: $16.00

Lobster Ravioli
This was came with 5 pieces and topped with tomato basil sauce. Holy shit... do you see the giant chunk of lobster meat on my ravioli?! There were at least 3 pieces this big (score!) The center was also stuffed with bits of lobster meat and ricotta cheese. The sauce was light, fresh and delicious. The only gripe I have was that they didn't offer freshly grated Parmesan cheese to top it off : ( 
Price: $18.00
Verdict: This place was pretty good, fast service and in a nice area, however I wouldn't go out of your way to eat here. It's just a nice option in the touristy area of South Street Seaport.

Adrienne's Pizza Bar
54 Stone Street
New York, NY 10004-2617

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