Friday, September 17, 2010

Grom: Well, I'm Satisfied

MMmm... gelato. My one weakness. Walking around the West Village and window shopping at stores you can't afford can make you depressed and hungry. So how does one drown out their sorrows you might ask? By indulging in a little gelato of course!

Waiting in line, the most antsy part... give me my gelato gosh darn it!!

Pesca i Crema di Menta
Peach and Mint Creme. The peach sorbet was tart, fresh and left a lingering bite of tang on my tongue. Not my favorite peach sorbet, but it definitely hits the spot when it is 20000 degrees out. The mint creme was also refreshing, no toothpaste analogy here. The mint hits you more so after the smooth creme dissolves on the tongue. Perfection on a humid day. Only dislike? They didn't fill the cone all the way down, so I ended up throwing it away, bummer.
Price: $4.75
Verdict: Satisfying, high quality ingredients, but pricey. Hey, what else do you expect? You are in the West Village after all!
Grom Gelato
233 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10022

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