Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Review: Bissli Falafel Wheat Snacks

It is not that often that I venture into a Jack 99 Cent Store. If I do happen to find myself in one of the stores, I usually go for the gum, cold drinks, or nature valley bars. Hell will freeze over before I buy eggs or packaged meat from that place! Anyway I was breezing past the snacks isle when this caught my eye.... falafel flavored party snacks?!? What were they thinking?? Naturally I had to buy them

Bissli Falafel Flavored Wheat Snack
Apparently they are for people who looked like George Costanza in Junior High, and skinny hipster red heads. How could I not give these snacks a try??

Fiber Twigs...?
At first glance, these looked like a bunch of awful fiber one twigs....I hesitantly popped one a few in my mouth.... yep, they had the same exact consistency as well. Hard brittle, and texturally revoting. The taste however.... was amazingly like a falafel! It was bursting with chickpea, garlic and herby flavor. Needless to say I didn't finish the bag.
Price: $0.50
Verdict: They also had taco, honey and bbq flavors in more (kind of) appetizing cylinder shapes. It was only 50 cents to why the hell not try a bag? I would have been a huge fan of these falafel ones is only they were in a more appetizing shape and texture. Say like a dorito chip texture?

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  1. Falafel sounds like a great flavor. But they do kind of look like poop. From the pictures at least.

    I am Fickle Cattle.