Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apothéke: Pretentious but Delicious

So what do you do when you save money on dinner ? Spend it on drinks of course! Deep in the roots of chinatown, there is a speck easy just across the way from Joe's Shanghai. The entrance looks like a run down restaurant, and there were 2 shady looking bouncers at the front. I was scared!

ooOOoo, this is a real shitty picture spooky walk to the bar

The inside was rustic and romantically themed with themed with dime lights and plush seating. I wanted to smoke a cigarette from one of those quellazaires. Alas, I hate cigarettes, so that wasn't going to happen.

Light up Marble counter tops!

Lavender Fields
This was made with fresh lavender, tequila, pressed limes, and kalamanci fruit. The main taste was tequila, I am not a huge tequila fan so this was not my favorite. I couldn't taste much lavender, but there were definite notes of lime.

Pepper Infusion
This was made with fresh green peppers, peppercorns, vodka, fresh dill, and fennel oil essence. This was pretty tasty,  nice hint of fennel with a light salty finish. It was like drinking a meal. Alcoholics rejoice! Who needs dinner, when you can drink it?

Jasmine Sour
This was made with house brewed jasmine tea, vodka, ginger juice, candied ginger essence, and and egg white. This was kind of spicy, the foam of egg white was a nice touch, I never drank egg white before. It was super light and fluffy, like a kittens belly ( I am running out of analogies here..) anyway, the herbal hint from the tea, mixed with the ginger made my mouth smelling fresh for the rest of the night.
Price: All drinks are $15.00
Verdict: Pro's : Carefully made drinks, extensive menu, and attentive bartenders. Con's: Utterly pretentious bouncers in fedoras and zoot suits (come one... really?)and atmosphere. Breaks the bank after 1 drink. Call it what you want, but this place is worth giving a shot at least once. It was a fun experience, and while my drinks were double the price of my dinner, it brought on good conversation with friends.
9 Doyers St
New YorkNY 10079

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