Friday, September 24, 2010

Hon Cafe: Always Here When You Need a Late Night Pastry

I love Chinese pastries (and it's not JUST because I'm Chinese). They are fun, silly and delicious. However, I hate the times pastry stores close. Most are closed before dinner, which is very inconvenient since I love a good pastry after a greasy Chinatown meal. Well lucky Hon Cafe is there to save the day! My friends and I stumbled upon this half pastry, half restaurant one night looking for dessert.
Yellow Bean Steam Bun
Hot and fresh straight from the steam oven. I love steam buns for their super soft and fluffy texture. The yellow bean is a bit more mild and less sweet than the red bean. Creamy thick texture,mmm..mmm, it hits the spot, and comes piping hot too. However, the ratio of bun to bean is horrible, so you will have a lot of left over naked bun after you have gobbled up the center. Unless, of course.. you LIKE naked buns!? (wink wink)
Price: $.95

Mexican Bun
Ohhh man, how come I have never been introduced to this before?? Seriously, where has this treat been all my life? Chewy, dense and utterly irresistible with its thick custard center. This is the perfect Chinese pastry. If nothing else, get this.
Price: $.95
Verdict: Skip all those cute looking pastries, for they trick you into buying them. They almost always end up being tasteless and bland. Go for the dense looking cream filled ones. Winner every single time!
Hon Cafe
70 Mott Street
 New York NY 10013

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