Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baoguette: Why Do I Keep Torturing Myself with Spicy Food?

I recently got a deal on Dealist for $7.00 for any two 2/3 sandwiches at Baoguette. Since I already had  their classic bahn mi, this was the perfect opportunity to try the other sandwichs they had to offer!
Spring Roll
I went with Melissa, and Nikoma and she ordered this as an appetizer. It was filled with pork and seriously looked like a turd. Fortunately, it did not taste like it. It was super crispy, though the meat was a little tough and a bit too oily,  it was still satisfying. It  could easily replace a meal for someone who is not too hungry. 
Price:  $4.00

Aww how cute! A turd wrapped in a lettuce blanket.

For my first sandwich, I decided to go with the veguette. This was made with  kung pao soy protein, daikon, cucumbers, and cilantro. I told the waitress that I wanted it extra spicy since last time, it wasn't spicy enough. BAD idea. They added, sriracha sauce and jalapeño  (which I could take), but they ALSO added those little green chiles. It was all nicely chopped up so it could hide in every nook and cranny waiting to attack my tongue with their spicy seeds. My eyes were watering by the 3rd bite. I don't know what happened to me, I used to be so good with spicy foods, but now it just  seems as if my tolerance abandoned me. 
 The soy protein however, was actually very well marinated, tender and fun to eat. None of that rubbery silliness happening here.

The Catfish
This was made with fried catfish, pickled red onion, cucumber relish, and honey mustard sauce and it was  my favorite out of the two. The catfish was perfectly cooked,  light and flaky. It had a  nice crunch that came from the crust of the fish. Though towards the end of the sandwich,the textures ended up being mushy (with the help of the onions and honey mustard sauce).  The sauce was just a tad tart, and didn't overwhelm the other flavors, and I learned my lesson from last time and took all the chiles out before eating this one.
Price: Both sandwich normal price are $7.00
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