Thursday, September 9, 2010

Murray's Cheese Chop: Could it Be Possible That Just By Smelling The Cheese, You Could Gain Weight?

Every time I pass by this shop in the West Village, I start salivating from the addicting and beautiful perfume of milk, cream, and butter lingering in the air. The other day, on my way to check out the Marc Jacobs store I could not resist any longer. There was only one thing on my mind... GRILLED CHEESE.

Oh, no! But which grilled cheese should I get?? The guy behind the counter was super nice and patient. He suggested the Murray's melt with bacon and a fried egg (his favorite), but I wanted a more lunch-y (is that even a word?) sandwich. I finally narrowed it down between the Provencal or the Tuna Melt. He told me their tuna salad was to die for. I was sold.

While waiting for my delicious sandwich to be made, I wanted to jump over the counter, shove every cheese in my mouth, and slather myself in cheesy goodness took a look behind the case, so many choices of cheese! I suppressed my urge instead, by taking a huge whiff of the buttery aroma in the air. Can you gain weight from smelling too much cheese? 

Hmm... I wonder if they sell the ingredient "awesome" at Whole Foods? 

The most perfectly grilled, buttered tuna melt, possibly ever.

Tuna Melt
FINALLY it was done, after I paid I took a seat on the bench outside the shop ( they need at least 2 more benches by the way since a lot of people were eating standing up) anyway on to the sandwich....

This was made with Tuna Salad, Grafton one year cheddar and red onion on Orwasher's seven grain bread. The strong nutty cheese could have been a little more melted, but do you see the 3 layers of it they put on my sandwich?? It was amazing. Paired perfectly with the tuna salad which was more like the Robin to the  Batman of cheese. The red onions added a nice zing in the sandwich, but were actually very stringy and hard to bite into pieces. Overall a satisfying comfort sandwich that will keep me coming back for more!
Price: $5.99
Verdict: Throw away you depressing, boring salad, take whatever choice of transportation you want to get here, order any sandwich and let your diet go to hell while your brain goes into cheese utopia.

Murray's Cheese Shop
254 Bleecker St.
New York, NY 10014
43rd St. & Lexington
New York, NY 10017 


  1. You know, that was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the cheese in this tuna melt... it's not melted.

    But it looks pretty damn good anyway.

  2. Yeah, but I realize every time I make grilled cheese, its never melted either and I have to zap it in the microwave for a bit... oh well, the mysteries of grilled cheese. It was still fantastic!