Friday, September 10, 2010

Cones: Drunk From Ice Cream?

After my scrumptious tuna melt from Murrays Cheese Shop, I wanted to top it off with a sweet treat. I had a groupon to Cones, and Argentinian gelato place only a couple of store down from Murray's and thought it was a perfect opportunity to use my coupon.
There was a bit of a line, but that was okay, it just gave me more time to pick a flavor!

Hmmm....all these underlined words make this ice cream seem hardcore...I'll take it!

Kumquat with Johnnie Walker Black label Ice Cream
Well... this tastes like....
Preserved Prunes with an intense after taste of alcohol. The ice cream was smooth, creamy and by the last bite of wafer I felt slightly tipsy. Yes, drunk by ice cream, possibly the best way to be. 
Price: $11.00
Verdict: Tasty, but 2 scoops of ice cream that cost more than my lunch? Not worth it. I will however, go back to try their other more standard flavors.
272 Bleeker Street
New York NY 10014

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