Thursday, September 16, 2010

Radegast Biergarten: I'm the Loser That Goes for The Food

It was about 2 am in the morning when my friends and I decided to go to the beer hall. More hungry and drunk then desiring a beer, I immediately  headed to the grill section to get a delicious bratwurst.

Mmmmm.... hot an fresh from the grill, the casing had a nice snap with every bite. Juicy, fatty and the perfect drunk food. The french fries however, took the horrid fate of being fried in very very old oil. They were like trying to eat a brittle finger nail. I longed for the moister of the sauerkraut to soften the fries a bit, but it didn't happen. Now granted, this was very late at night, right before the grill closed, but I should have opted for the bread option instead of the fries.
Price: $7.00
Verdict: It would have been a 5 yummy, but the nasty fries knocked it down 2 yummies. Sigh... next time I will go earlier I suppose. When everyone else is drinking, I will be that loser in the corner shoving a sausage down my throat (that's what she said). Anyway, then you aren't stuffing your face, the beers are great and you can even get a nice giant stein. Last time however, the stein shattered as we were toasting, but thats another story...
 Radegast Biergarten
113 N 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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