Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Product Review: Battle Between the Roof of my Mouth and Bread. Bread Won

A couple of weeks ago I went to Chelsea Market craving 2 things... a good hardy bread and bleu cheese.  I've never been to Amy's Bread before so I figured to try it out ( even though the lazy girl inside of me just wanted to go to Whole Foods... but I do it for you people).

Entrance. I have nothing smart or funny to say about this ( not that anything I do say is funny anyways). Sorry.

Nice array of rolls and baguettes. The scary thing is I could probably eat a whole basket in one sitting if society didn't pressure Victoria's Secret body images on us. Damn those sexy angels and their push up bras.

More bread porn. The little fat asian inside of me really wanted to run behind the counter and take a bite of everyone. The smell of the breads were utterly irresistible.

Whole Wheat & Whole Wheat with Five Grains
I went with this one because I love poppy seeds, and also this is what the guy behind the counter said would go best with a strong cheese. I took a bite by itself first... holy hell it was like trying to bite barbed wire! The crust was ridiculously hard, the kind that punishes you by cutting the roof of your mouth. The inside was very soft and airy, but bitter. Time to test it out with my condiments! (If my mouth isn't filled with blood yet...)

I added bleu cheese and overly ripe sliced apples. 
The bitterness of the cheese + the bitterness of the bread= me adding a crap load of apple jam and agave nectar after to balance it out. Overall an unsuccessful snack.
Price: $2.50 for half a loaf
Verdict: I didn't know what that guy at was smoking; but this bread paired horribly with bleu cheese. At 2.50 for only half a loaf?? I could have gotten a whole loaf of delicious crunchy sourdough from Whole Foods that wouldn't put battle wounds in my mouth like this bread did. Might give them another shot with a different bread, or possibly try one of their desserts, but I very much disliked the whole wheat with five grains!
Amy's Bread
75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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